Robert Henderson: Profile

Photo I'm an independent computer science researcher and video game developer based in Cambridge, UK. I did my PhD in logic-based machine learning under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Muggleton at Imperial College London, completing in 2014. I also hold a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University and a BA/MSci in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University.

Previously I have worked as a software engineer for the video game companies Bizarre Creations and Ideaworks3D. My time in the mainstream industry, strongly a C/C++ culture, sparked my interest in high-level languages and functional programming as a way to overcome some of the limitations I saw. Around the same time I also learned of the GNU project and the Free Software Movement, which caused me to re-evaluate my attitude to the social aspects of computer software significantly.

My professional interests are in software systems design, functional programming, education, and interactive arts. The following questions particularly fascinate me:

By searching for answers to these questions I believe we can uncover ways to make computer programming more effective, more accessible, and more empowering for people in everyday life. I founded Fivey Software in 2015 with these aims in mind.