Biksel: Powerful, Easy-to-Use Programming System for Learners

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Biksel is a free / open-source programming system created specifically to suit the needs of people learning computer programming, particularly children and beginners. It is based on the C programming language.

Perhaps you have found blocks-based programming too simplistic for your needs, yet on the other hand industry-grade systems are so complex one can hardly get started? The purpose of Biksel is to bridge this gap: to provide the learner with the tools they need to explore the vast potential of computing, in a way that is as easy to use and straightforward as possible.

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You need a computer running the GNU/Linux operating system, for example a Raspberry Pi, in order to use Biksel.


Biksel version 1.1 is available for download:

Please note: requires Raspberry Pi or x86-compatible PC running GNU/Linux.

See the file README in the source package for installation instructions. For beginner-friendly instructions specific to the Raspberry Pi, see the Biksel Quick Start Guide for Raspberry Pi.


The following is an online version of the user manual included with Biksel:


Click here for a gallery of screenshots.


Please e-mail any feedback to: rjh at fiveysoftware dot com

If you wish to report a bug in Biksel, please e-mail the above address after first checking that your bug is not already in the list of known bugs.