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Biksel: easy-to-use programming system based on C

Biksel is a free / open source C library and set of tools for making pixel art oriented video games and other applications. Biksel is intended to be accessible to beginners with no prior programming experience, and is loosely inspired by the BASIC systems of old.

You need a computer running the GNU/Linux operating system, for example a Raspberry Pi, in order to use Biksel.


Version 1.0 of Biksel provides:

It also includes a user manual in HTML and PDF formats, and example programs.


Click here for a gallery of screenshots.


Biksel version 1.0 is available for download:

Please note: requires Raspberry Pi or x86-compatible PC running GNU/Linux.

See the file README in the source package for installation instructions.


The following is an online version of the user manual included with Biksel:


Please e-mail any feedback to: rjh at fiveysoftware dot com

If you wish to report a bug in Biksel, please e-mail the above address after first checking that your bug is not already in the list of known bugs.